About SexSounds.com

The team at Sex Sounds Dot Com welcomes you to our little place on the web. We’ve been here a long time (what other sexy audio site do you know that can claim to be founded in 1997?), so take your time looking around and enjoy your stay.

Adult audio has been around for a long long time – remember phone sex (both the person-to-person type popular in long distance relationships and the type you’d pay for when you had no relationship)? but it’s really come into its own since personal media streaming became possible on the web in the late 1990s. Smart phones and then smart phone apps have brought audio of all kinds even closer to each of us. Podcasts have made audio a an important part of many people’s daily lives.

Our goal here at SexSounds.com is to explore the history, future, and potential of audio to make the lives of adults better – whether through sounds, stories, articles, podcasts, apps, ASMR, or any other medium or format.

Please enjoy your visit and let us know if you have suggestions for websites, podcasts, apps, or anything else you think we should be paying attention to, writing about, trying out, or reviewing.