Review of the Bloom Stories App 

Bloom Stories is a newer adult audio app that anyone can download for free. They’re also an active website with regular updates of audio erotica that’s recorded and produced by both professionals and amateurs. Many of the voice actors in the stories hold down full-time jobs aside from their erotica work and share links to their Patreon pages and social media. It gives the entire app an amateur feel that can be rare to find on a professional content creation site. The erotica stories come with artwork that gives you an idea of what they’re about, as well as how the characters are meant to look. 

History of Bloom Stories 

Bloom Stories started out as a different website and web app named Audio Desires. They published audio erotica with a “realistic emphasis on female pleasure.” They also focused on sex between couples for most of their content. While Audio Desires is still up, Bloom Stories is now their main app and website for all of their audio porn. The new layout has a darker background and reddish hue that distinguishes itself from the previous site. They have sections for the different types of audio erotica they publish, as well as a section dedicated to Lustery. This collection has content created by real couples having real sex for everyone to hear. It’s a departure from most of the Bloom Stories content, which means there are many options available for different types of audio erotica and audio porn. The site itself is professionally designed and maintained with links to make your way through the genres they offer. The archive of content is large with new audio being released on a regular basis. It’s meant to appeal to men, women, and couples with a focus on female pleasure. 

Explore Fantasies 

Bloom Stories lets you browse their content based on the fantasies they explore. There are dozens of fantasies with varying amounts of content inside them. Sploshing, for instance, only has one piece of erotica, but it’s food-based porn that you don’t come across very often. Self Touch is one of the largest sections with many stories about female masturbation. There are also a few different sections for BDSM. MDom is filled with male domination stories and FDom is filled with female domination. Then there are sections for cuckolding, Daddy stories, and others. There are very few kinks that you won’t be able to find. 

Lovense Enabled Stories 

One of the most unique aspects of Bloom Stories is the ability to sync your Lovense sex toys to the audio erotica stories. There are detailed instructions on how to do it and they have a regular update schedule to publish new Lovense enabled stories. Once your toy is synced, it will react to what’s happening in the stories and vibrating at different intensities to match up with what’s going on. The story Composure, for instance, is about a man taking a woman out to a museum with a sex toy inside her vagina. He uses his phone to turn it on and off, making her react in public. The synched Lovense sex toy will also be set off at the same vibration patterns you’re listening to. Bathtub Play is a solo masturbation story that will make the toy react to what the main character is doing to herself. There are many Lovense toys that can be connected to the audio erotica, and Bloom Stories offers a discount through their website for anyone who wants to purchase a new one. There are also directions on how to download the Lovense app and start using it. 

AI Chat 

Bloom Stories also offers an AI chat that you can use to talk to the characters from some of the erotica. It’s still in beta, but you can use the text box to communicate with the character you select. All of the responses will be generated by AI to make it feel like you’re talking to them. There are three options for the chat with the default being a hybrid of both text and audio responses. The audio files are computer generated and use the voices of the characters. You can also opt to simply get text responses if you don’t want to listen. The AI does a good job of responding like the characters. You can choose your name at the beginning of your session and speak to as many of the characters as you want. It’s possible to ask the same questions to different characters and get different answers. 

Audio Guides 

There’s a section dedicated to audio guides with content broken up into three categories. The first is Guided Partner Play, which is meant to guide couples through sex. There are guides introducing couples to kink, massages, and finger play for beginners. The next section is for guided solo play with audio content leading women through masturbation sessions. The final section is for affirmation play, teaching women to desire themselves, find their G-Spots, and other things. 


Bloom Stories offers two plans for their premium subscription. The first is an annual plan that costs $4.99 per month. It’s billed in one payment of $59.88. The second plan is their monthly membership. This one will charge you $7.99 every month until you cancel it. Both plans are automatically billed to you. Premium membership comes with all of their audio erotica, as well full access to the AI chat. 


  • Interactive Lovense toy enabled 
  • Professional and amateur audio 
  • Chat with AI version of the characters 


  • Chat audio is premium 
  • Some content on old site 
  • Voice actors push patreon pages 

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