Top 10 Erotic Audio Apps (and Websites) 

There are many erotic audio apps that can give you the kind of adult experience that you never thought was possible before. New apps are launching all the time and websites have thousands of contributors making new content. Here are ten of the best. 

10. Vibease Chat 

Vibease Chat has a lot going on and it’s not just for your solo pleasure play. What sets this app apart is the fact that it syncs to your sex toys and gives you multiple ways of controlling them. If you’re looking for a special night alone with erotica and your silicone lover, they have over 500 erotic audio stories that can control your sex toy to vibrate you along with the action. You can also use it to send naughty chats to your partner and give them remote control over your toys and that can be very useful. 

9. Orgasm Sound Library 

Up next is an app that gives you plenty of erotic audio, but no erotica or storylines. That’s because all the files on the app are actual, 100% real orgasms that people are recording for you to listen to. It’s also 100% anonymous and anyone can upload their own orgasms to share. They have orgasms from women, men, and couples, and some of the users enjoy talking you through what they’re doing and how it feels while they moan and scream in sexual pleasure. It can easily be considered a community of orgasm enthusiasts. 

8. Emjoy 

Emjoy is filled with erotica, but that’s not all they have to offer. They have a strong focus on sexual wellness and female pleasure. On top of the fully produced erotic audio, you can follow guides that teach you how to use dirty talk or fully enjoy your own body during sex. All of the sexual wellness content is created by experts so you can be sure that they know what they’re talking about and focused on helping you love yourself. It’s updated regularly with high quality stories that come in every genre to explore many kinks. Full Review

7. Aural Honey 

Aural Honey is an erotica app that focuses on kink and fetish sex, and they have plenty to choose from. They touch on most fantasies that you can think of, and it’s all fully produced by professionals. Everything is organized into categories to find what you’re into. Some of the fantasies include office sex, female submission, and supernatural stories. These can be anything from sex with vampires to female domination in witchcraft erotica. All of the content is half an hour long to make sure you can get into them and give yourself all the attention your body needs. 

6. Quinn 

Quinn is an app that’s meant for women and all the things they need to enjoy sexual pleasure and achieve both arousal and orgasm. The creator of this app draws a distinct difference between porn for men and porn for women. The goal of the content is to arouse you mentally without the over the top visuals of mainstream pornography getting in the way of your pleasure. It’s meant for women who don’t enjoy porn videos but still want to engage with erotic content that caters to their needs and desires over those of most men. We wrote more about the Quinn Audio App in our Review.

5. Dipsea 

Much like the previous app, Dipsea focuses on female sexuality over male pleasure. Created by two women, the app caters to women who have grown to believe something was wrong with them because of their failure to achieve arousal with mainstream porn videos. It claims to have the perfect story for every occasion and organizes its content based on what you’re trying to get out of it. Women can browse the library with terms like “in bed”, “get inspired for later”, or “with your partner”. There are regular updates bringing new erotic storylines to keep listeners in content. See our Dipsea Audio App Review for a more detailed discussion.

4. Femtasy 

Femtasy is an app that’s recently gotten a lot of press and attention. It was recommended by Jess O’Reilly, who says that it’s targeted at women, but they still have something that can appeal to anyone with any desires. Any gender and sexual orientation can find a story to enjoy and they’re all under 30 minutes long. There are lots of voice actors playing out the parts and it’s free to check out if you want to see if it’s for you. The content is professionally produced and focuses on short stories rather than full-length erotic novels and novellas. 

3. /r/GoneWildAudio 

Anyone looking for amateur erotica is going to find a lot of it on /r/GoneWildAudio. It’s a subreddit that anyone 18 or older can join and the content is posted right on the main feed. It’s a group that lets anyone post their own audio erotica for the rest of the group to read. It comes in the form of recorded narratives, sex stories, and audio recordings of sex and masturbation. Anyone can post but there are rules that ensure the content is both legal and palatable to the majority of people in the group. 

2. For Adults Only 

For Adults Only is a website that lets you listen to a podcast style show with lots of erotic stories that try to be both playful and fun for the listeners to enjoy. The audio stories are much shorter than most of the competition. They average at just 5 minutes, so you can expect fast action that touches on kink and fetish. 

1. Literotica App

Literotica has been around for decades and they have a robust section dedicated to user uploaded audio erotica. It’s all amateur, so the quality and production values vary quite a bit. There’s a good mix of produced stories as well as audio recordings of sex and masturbation. Anyone can upload their creations with comments and voting available to the listeners.  Also read our full Literotica Audio App review.

Conclusion: Lots of Erotica Options 

Any fan of audio erotica has a lot to choose from when it comes to the platforms offering their content. These are ten of the best that you can use but there are still others to check out. If you love erotica, then start looking for your next sexual outlet right now. 

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