Review of the Quinn App For Audio

Quinn app is an erotic audio app that’s geared toward straight, gay, and non-binary women to help them enjoy their sexuality when hardcore porn videos just don’t do it for them. The target user is a woman who feels that visual porn is too intense to arouse them and need something that works their imaginations more than their eyes. It’s also for the woman who doesn’t want to have to read erotica when she’s in the mood to pleasure herself. These women want to lie back and let an erotic journey take them away and that’s what the Quinn app is attempting to do.

History of the Quinn App 

The Quinn app was launched in 2021 by a woman named Caroline Spiegel (sister of Snap Chat founder Evan Spiegel) and she had the best intentions when she did it. It was her last year of school at Stanford, and she has said in interviews that she was dealing with issues related to sexual fulfillment and eating disorder. These issues caused her to find it more difficult to achieve sexual arousal. After a positive experience with an audio creator on Literotica, she made the decision to create a site for women, who are typically underserved in the adult industry. That’s where the entire concept and inspiration of the app came from. Caroline says she needed something other than hardcore porn videos to feel aroused and reading wasn’t something that she always wanted to do to make it happen. The app was completely run by women and that’s still the case today. It’s made by women and for women and that’s not something you come across in the adult industry a lot. This helps to set it apart from other porn and maybe why the app has a 4.7 standing in the app stores. It has millions of users across the planet, and you can often find reviews on TikTok and other social media apps. 

Lots of Narrators 

One of the best things that the Quinn app has going for it is that you can listen to various types of narrators. They organize their audio erotica into three different categories based on what kind of person you want to get you off. You can choose to listen to a man tell the story, have a woman engage in any sexy scenarios you want, or have it all played out by a non-binary person. Those three options attempt to provide a narrator for any taste or mood you happen to be in. 

Plenty of Erotic Categories 

Once you decide on who you want to arouse you, you can make your decision on what you want your scenario to be. It’s all organized to help you find it very quickly and easily, which can eliminate a lot of the time it might take trying to find what you want. Your subscription allows you access to a large collection of erotica for any desire you might have. You can listen to passionate lesbian sex and seduction, historical sex and characters, degradation, and even overheard sex. 

Guided Masturbation 

For the woman who likes to be told what to do, rather than listening to other people having sex, there’s a collection of guided masturbation porn to listen to. It’s good for submissive women who love being ordered around or just led by another person. You can follow the instructions from a man, another woman, or even a historical figure. It’s also a way to explore your own body and try things you never would have done otherwise. While it’s extremely stimulating for those subs and bottoms, it can be good for anyone who just wants to try something new. 

Historical Stories 

One of the biggest things that sets the Quinn app apart is its collection of historical erotica that you can lose yourself in. This category also touches on all the other genres, so you’re able to get the erotica you love, with a historical spin. Your guided masturbation, for example, can be given to you by someone from the 1700s, complete with words and accents from the time period. You can listen to two people from the 1600s have sex with each other or experiment with forbidden lesbian lust. 

BDSM Erotica 

For the type of girl who needs something more than the other women, there’s a large selection of BDSM erotica that will tend to any kink you have. If you love to be degraded and need to feel ashamed of touching yourself then you have more than enough men and women waiting to humiliate you. You can also pick yourself up with a sexual praise session that makes you feel special for making yourself feel good. 

Fully Produced Content 

No matter what kind of erotica you want to get into, it’s always going to be fully produced to give you the most exciting time possible. You’ll get to hear professionally read voice tracks along with plenty of sound effects. You get all the moaning, grunting, and squelching that you could want to hear. It will let you immerse yourself in the action and feel like you’re living out the scenario. It should be noted that these sound effects aren’t for everyone though. One woman might enjoy them while another will find them embarrassing and awkward to hear. It comes down to your tastes, but the audio on this app will always have them. 

Conclusion: The Quinn App satisfies without having to read   

If you want an erotica app that will satisfy any craving or desire where you just have to listen, then the Quinn App may be what you’re looking for. It’s easy to use and you can delve into any fetish or kink that you have. You can get on it for just $3.99 per month when you pay for an entire year. If you want to join monthly, then you can get it for $4.99 per month. They seem to have something for everyone, and no kink is too much for them to explore with you. 


  • Monthly and annual subscriptions 
  • Fetish and kink audio 
  • Fully produced content with sound effects 


  • Some content can make you feel awkward 
  • No free trial 
  • No visual effects 

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