Review of the Dipsea Erotic Audio App 

Dipsea erotic audio is an app that promises to serve hot and steamy erotica that you can listen to anywhere. Do they deliver on this promise? Let’s install the app and see what our reviewer thnks!

While Dipsea app says it’s made for anyone who loves to listen to sexy tails of seduction and romance, it also goes to great lengths to make sure everyone knows that it supports sexual wellness and education. It’s an all-around solid app, constantly being updated with new content and hoping to keep you coming back. Whether you plan to use Dipsea alone in the bedroom, discreetly on your commute, or with a partner, it should have something worthwhile to offer. 

History of Dipsea 

Dipsea was launched in 2018, created by two friends, Gina Gutierrez and Faye Keegan. Their goal was to create an app they had always wanted to use themselves. Their underlying mission statement is that female sexuality is just as mental as it is physical, and that’s the fire that their app is here to stoke. The company went through a relaunch in 2022 to further refine its appearance and app design. The cofounders believe that their new tagline, “Listen, light yourself up” embodies the brand more effectively than the previous one. They also introduced a new logo in the form of the letter “D”. This stylized letter curves inward as a way to express illumination to the customer. On top of all that, they also launched a new app and website. The overall design is dusk and dawn imagery. It’s meant to evoke feelings of twilight and works very well to make the users think of their bedrooms and nighttime activities. Overall, the app is well-placed to draw new users while holding onto the ones that it’s had since the beginning. 

Types of Content 

Dipsea has three different types of content to keep you enthralled with what they have to offer. The first is a massive collection of erotic stories that you can both listen to and read. Next up is a large wellness section that focused on female health. It also has guides on safely exploring things like BDSM and sexting. Finally, there’s a section just to help you fall asleep. It’s filled with soundscapes and other relaxing noises. It also has relaxing stories that are designed to lull you to sleep, as opposed to exciting you with sensuality. 

Setting Preferences 

New users are able to set their preferences for the types of content they want to get on the app. You’re first encouraged to set the types of relationships you want to hear about. These relationships cover everything from heterosexuality to lesbian relationships, and even threesomes and throuples. Then you can set your interests for recommendations. These include terms like BDSM, group sex, and oral sex. No matter what the user happens to be into, they’re able to get lots of content. These preferences can also be changed at any time as your desires evolve and change. 

Audio Stories 

The main draw of the app is the vast collection of audio stories that you can listen to. These stories are very well-written by professionals and voiced by real voice actors. That means that you’re getting high quality audio erotica with all the production you can expect from a mainstream audiobook. It’s also possible to read some of the stories right in the app. The small collection of written works is just as high quality as the audio works, so you’ll never feel like you’re missing out on professional material that’s been designed to entice and excite you with words and sounds. 

Wellness Section 

The wellness section is something that you won’t want to miss out on. It’s there to help you explore your sexuality as well as connect you with your sexual energy. You’ll find lots of activities like erotic breathwork and guided meditations. It’s all been designed to help you grow more in tune with your body to help you explore your deepest desires and sexual curiosities. There’s also a section to enjoy with a partner. This section has games that are meant to improve and increase the levels of intimacy you enjoy with each other, so it’s not all just for your solo enjoyment. 

Voice Acting 

The most important part of any erotic audio is the level of voice acting that you’re listening to. Luckily, Dipsea uses professional voice actors so you can lose yourself in the stories. The lines aren’t overacted, so you’ll find that you can fully immerse yourself in what’s being said. In fact, much of the audio is close to ASMR, so you’ll feel the physical sensations wash over you as you listen to the stories. You’ll be able to search for the voice actors and find them in lots of mainstream work, so you can rest assured that it’s all on a professional level. 

Female Pleasure 

Each and every bit of content on Dipsea is meant for female pleasure and that makes a huge difference. You’re not going to get lots of visual stimulation, which means that it’s all mentally erotic and that’s something that women just can’t get enough of. The stories are about female satisfaction, and it works very well to normalize feminine pleasure. It doesn’t matter what kind of sexy fun you’re into with this app. It’s all just waiting for you in a great package that you can start exploring right now. 

Conclusion: If The Above Sounds Interesting, Sign Up And Try It Out

Dipsea is a nice app for anyone who needs some erotic release in their lives. You get to listen to professional audio stories about anything from straight one on one sex to lesbian exploration and BDSM. You can sign up for a free seven-day trial to check it all out and find out why it’s for you. After that, you’ll only have to pay $5.83 per month and it’s worth every penny. It’s more than worth your time to check it out and you’re going to fall in love with the wellness and relaxation sections! 


  • Seven-day free trial 
  • Access everything on the app or website 
  • Three main sections of content 


  • Some content is difficult to find 
  • Not every story will be to your taste 
  • Spiciness rating on site but not app 

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