Review of Literotica Erotic Audio App 

Literotica has been in operation since 1998 – one of the longest running adult sites in the world – and has grown to amass millions of members and a massive backlog of amateur erotica stories. They also entered into the world of audio erotica in the 1990s and make it easy for anyone to share their own audio porn with other users. There are detailed instructions to help anyone get their work on the site. As long as you can create any kind of M4A, MP3, OGG, or WAV file, you can upload it and the site will convert it into the files they need. It’s also up to the user if they want comments or voting to be enabled. Since Literotica has so many different features and pages, here’s a direct link to the erotica audio stories to save you time.

History of Literotica 

Literotica was launched by Laurel and Manu in 1998. It was meant to be a sex positive platform with free speech for people to share their own erotic with other people around the world. Laurel and Manu had been sharing a simple link list that contained adult oriented articles, stories, and photos. Many of these were from a Usenet group that had grown increasingly filled with spam. Once the Mosaic browser was launched, the two saw it as a perfect opportunity to create a site where amateur writers could share their erotic work. While their site was once shut down when their host discovered they were posting pornography, they simply found a new one and kept sharing. The site is now sharing audio erotica as well as print erotica. This can be uploaded by anyone who can create an audio file. It’s all created by amateurs, so there are many different types of erotica to hear. Some of it is fully produced fiction while others are stories related by the people who publish them. There are also lots of sex sounds to go along with the erotic storytelling. 

Audio File Hosting 

The Literotica erotic audio files are all hosted on the website, so you can listen to them right on the site. Downloads are not possible, so users sharing their own don’t have to worry about them being stolen and shared as someone else’s work. The audio player is simple to use with a timeline at the top and an audio slide on the bottom. Voting and commenting can be turned on or off by the uploader. If it’s turned on, then anyone take advantage of the features. It’s also possible to follow the content creators that you enjoy the most. 

Erotic Audio Publishing Content Guidelines 

There are content guidelines that everyone has to follow if they want to share on the site. There are more guidelines on Literotica than many of the other audio erotica sites and some of the rules can be very specific. The first rule is that none of the characters can be under the age of 18 in any of the erotica. They also disallow any stories about celebrities or fan fiction with the characters being artificially aged if they’re under the age of 18 in real life. There’s no bestiality on the site, which includes fantasy animals, such as furries. They also keep non-consensual sex off the site, as well as consensual non-consent, whether the characters are original or fan fiction. On top of that, there are no stories allowed that glorify real prostitution or promote sex work. This means that you won’t come across any ads for escorts while you’re on the site. Finally, they don’t allow any stories that portray any activity that’s illegal in the United State. There are some other rules, but these are the biggest ones and breaking any of the rules is grounds for deletion of your erotica and deletion of your account. 

Erotic Audio Tags 

The audio on Literotica has its own collection of tags that you can use to browse for what you want to hear. The tags section has a list of the most used tags on the right with a large collection of other tags to the left. Some of the most used tags include male voice, female voice, f4f, cunnilingus, and more. The other tags include terms like wet sounds, female joi, face fucking, sucking, and plenty of others. There are also tags listed on every audio page letting you know what the content has in it. 

User Profiles on Literotica

Each user on Literotica has a profile page which lists all of the erotica they’re uploaded to the site. You’ll see the uploader on each audio page, with a link to their profile. You can read any biography details they’ve written as well as get links to all of their work. It’s separated into stories and audio so you know what’s text and what’s produced. It’s also possible to add them to your list of favorites. That will let you know when they upload something new so you can find it right away. Literotica also has an email system that you can use to send messages to anyone you want. 

Types of Content 

As long as the audio doesn’t break any of the guidelines, it can be anything that the users want to share. That means they have narrative content as well as sexual audio. Any users can upload real audio of themselves having sex alone or with other people. The erotica is a simple audio recording of what they’re doing. The produced audio erotica can be any genre, except for the ones that aren’t allowed, like bestiality. Other than those, it’s possible to listen to anything from historical fiction to science fiction. 

Conclusion: Literotica Audio has lots of Content 

Literotica has been around for so long that it’s used by millions of people on a daily basis. They have more audio erotica than most platforms and it’s all free to listen to. It’s hosted by Literotica, so it’s possible to listen to it right on the site. There are no downloads, but you can favorite the content as well as follow the people who make it. There’s a large section for guidelines that all users have to follow when they want to share their work. It’s all created by amateurs and any users can upload. 


  • Free to use 
  • Anyone can upload 
  • Easy to follow instructions 


  • Files can be removed by uploaders 
  • Lots of guidelines to follow 
  • Thousands of audio files to navigate 

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